Hanz de Fuko Claymation

The Claymation Deets: Texture, Hold and Zero Shine

The Claymation Deets: How this best-selling styling product can solve your styling problems and help in your quest for a shine-free finish.

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Textured Top, Low Fade or Textured and Ruffled are styles which demand strong hold, no-shine and a crunchy, slightly-volumised finish. Finding a styling product to achieve all 3 credentials has been difficult with most of us achieving this type of finish by mixing two different styling products together, but not any longer. San Francisco-based hair styling maestros, Hanz de Fuko, shared the same frustration as our good selves so they took to their lab to develop a product which offered all of the hold and texture of a clay pomade but without the shine. Step-in Claymation.

Claymation is often referred to as a hybrid of wax and clay carrying the most admirable attributes of both products and leaving behind the properties we don’t want, namely shine. Historically clay-based styling products have been tricky to wash-out due to their thick, dense consistency. Hanz de Fuko also managed to cut this from the edit and delivered Claymation in a finished format which enabled us to create our look and be able to rinse it away easily when showering, but the story didn’t end there. The lab wanted to create a product that was almost like a treatment for the hair which conditioned your locks while it holds your look. Hanz de Fuko infused Claymation with jojoba oil, castor seed oil and sunflower seed oil to lock in moisture and strengthen the hair. The finish is quite simply, perfect.

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