Jack Black Texture Cream

The Low-down: Jack Black Texture Cream

The Low-down on Jack Black Texture Cream. Find out why this hair styling cream has the TGC community gripped.

Jack Black Texture Cream lands in more shopping carts than any other hair styling cream which we sell. It sells-out quicker than we can replenish supplies, and when it finally comes back into stock, you guys buy it in bulk. We wanted to share what the hype is all about and give you the low-down on this hair styling cream which has our TGC community gripped.

What is Texture Cream?

Believe it or not, it’s lightweight cream which adds texture to your hair- no prizes for guessing that one! But what makes it a game-changer is the ability Texture Cream has to add texture and body to your hair without any residue or flakiness. It gives a sleek finish and leaves the hair with a natural, matte look.

How to apply Jack Black Texture Cream

Texture Cream glides onto the hair with ease and is best used on slightly damp hair. To apply, you simply warm a small amount of the cream between your palms and stroke it through the hair, starting at the hairline at the nape of the neck and working up-wards.

What’s the finish like?

Firstly, it’s completely invisible. It leaves no residue at all on the hair, apart from a very slight crunchy texture. The hold is relatively strong but very flexible, this adds further benefit as it means you can tweak your look throughout the course of the day. Texture Cream is suitable for all hair lengths and can be used as a hair styling hack for those with finer hair to boost body and give a fuller, thicker look.


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