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Hanz de Fuko - Style Your Individuality

Hanz de Fuko is a modern brand with its roots firmly planted in the expressive and individualistic surrounds of Venice Beach, California.

Founded in 2009, Hanz de Fuko has become known for creating a fine range of products that cater for the creative and self-aware man, the man who may not always conform to what society expects. They're dapper, fearless and above all else, confident. The exact sort of people you can find on Venice Beach on any given day.

Its founders worked in the 1990s boom of Silicone Valley, a time when expression and confidence were a necessity. Hanz de Fuko has since grown in to a worldwide brand, holding these values dear and creating a range of styling, body and shower products truly embody it.

Perhaps the most recognisable product in Hanz de Fuko's line-up is Claymation, the matte-finish super high hold styling clay. It contains only natural ingredients that will not only allow you to ensure your hair always looks on-point, but it also nourishes your hair, helping to keep it healthy.

One of the ingredients in Claymation is a little bit of Quicksand, another of Hanz de Fuko's most popular products. Quicksand is also a super-strong styling clay giving a lasting hold, but it has an ultra-matte finish, allowing you to add volume and texture to your hair while absorbing excessive oil and adding zero weight.

Quicksand most definitely sticks to its Californian beach heritage, with its one part dry shampoo and one part styling wax the secret behind this incredible product.

These are just two highlights of Hanz de Fuko's extensive and ever-growing hair styling range. Be sure to check out Sponge Wax or Gravity Paste, not to mention the Dry Shampoo.

It's not simply all about styling though, as the line of shower and body wash demonstrates. There are two lines of shampoo and conditioner you should look at, while the Hanz de Fuko body wash has also been very popular since its launch. Free of sulphate and paraben, the natural body wash contains scents of Sandalwood and Minty Rum.

If you're looking for a gift set with all of the edge, creativity and confidence you crave, then Hanz de Fuko is definitely a company you need to look at. Starting with the Deluxe Travel Kit, it contains both natural shampoo and natural conditioner, as well as a 100% organic bar of soap that is perfect for those with sensitive skin. All of these products are packed away in a stylish denim toilet bag.

There are also two deluxe gift sets worth looking at, though you'll have to be quick as they always sell out very quickly. Both sets feature three styling products in either Matte or Shine finish, packaged together in a stylish and limited-edition canister.

Finally, the Signature and Collector edition gift sets beautifully package together a whole host of Hanz de Fuko's most popular products, presented in a highly-coveted gift box which screams creativity.

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