7 Skincare Tips To Get You Through The Winter

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With the darker nights and colder weather closing in on us and the new John Lewis advert on our screens it is safe to say that winter has officially arrived. It is at this time of year that everyone’s thoughts turn to panicking about buying Christmas presents and who is going to cook the Christmas dinner but a very important part of winter that most people seem to forget about is the effects that winter can have on your skin. At the Grooming Clinic, we have put together some skincare tips that will help you get through the winter.

1. Drinking Water

A lot of people don’t realise that drinking water plays an essential part in having and maintaining healthy skin and it becomes even more important during the winter season. Drinking water helps hydrate the skin and if you end up dehydrated it can begin to show as your skin can become wrinkled and dry. Water also provides the skin with essential vitamins and minerals that aid towards making your skin look younger and healthier.

2. Hand Care

When it comes to skin care your hands are often forgotten about but they are one of the areas that are affected the most in the winter months and without gloves our hands are left completely exposed to the harsh winter conditions. Using hand cream regularly is a great way of softening callused skin and can help protect your hands against the cold weather. If you find that you wash your hands more frequently or if you are outside a lot of the time, then you should make a conscious effort to add some hand care to your daily routine.

3. Lip Care

Dry and cracked lips are one of the most common effects of cold weather but there are ways you can prevent this from happening that will allow you to maintain your usual healthy looking lips all year around. Applying lip balm that contains SPF will ensure that your lips are protected from the winter weather during the colder months.

4. Eye care

Eyes are one of the first things you notice about a person which means whether you look refreshed or run down it isn’t going to go unnoticed. Dark circles can appear under the eyes, especially in winter which is why it is important to take extra care during the colder season. One way of taking care of your eyes during winter is with an eye roll on which can help reduce swelling around the eyes and provide the skin with extra protection.

5. Moisturise

The cold weather can have a harsh effect on our faces by causing dry and cracked skin. Using moisturiser can help prevent this and will soften the skin which in turn will make it look younger and healthier. You should find a moisturiser that is suitable for your skin type and make sure that you apply this twice daily or more if required. If you find that your skin is oily or if you want to prevent oily skin, then make sure that you exfoliate before applying moisturiser. If you have delicate and sensitive skin it is important that you are using moisturiser that has been specifically formulated for this.

6. Hair

Your hair is probably the last thing you think about when looking for winter skin care tips but your hair can also be affected by the weather as it can become very dry which in turn can lead to irritation of the skin so it is important that you invest in some quality grooming lotion for your hair.

7. Shaving

To achieve a good quality shave, it is advised that you shave straight after having a hot shower whilst your pores are open and your hair Is softer making sure that you are using shaving foam and that you are rinsing the razor after every stroke. After you have shaved make sure that you apply some after shave cooling balm to reduce redness that can be caused by shaving and to prevent shaving rash as this can often be a bigger problem during the winter as your skin is dryer.

Following this regime every day may seem like hard work but if you stick to this plan then you are guaranteed to see a marked improvement to your skin and it will all have been worth it. Here at The Grooming Clinic we have a wide range of skincare products available which are ideal when it comes to maintaining your winter skin care regime.