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Shaving, often graded a chore, should be pleasurable experience when you bond with yourself and your inner-man. Using the correct tools and a traditional technique are key to successful execution of this manly ritual. We've tried & tested thousands of shaving products and handpicked a collection that we can endorse with our seal of approval for performance and value for money. Featuring Castle Forbes Shave Cream and D R Harris Arlington & Windsor shaving collections, to name but a few.

Shaving Creams are the perfect shaving lubricant. A thin layer of glycerin covers the skin to protect and hydrate whilst a soapy lather aids glide and softens the growth.

Shaving oils can be used both before and after shaving. Using a shave oil is the best and most effective way of improving your shaving regime. Apply your oil before apllying your shave cream. Massage it deep into the growth then apply your shave cream on-top. Post-shave, apply as thin layer of oil to the skin to hydrate and protect.

Straight Razors are a traditional tool that have been used for centuries to remove facial hair. Before modern cartridge-style razors where available almost all men used a straight razor. If you decide to add a straight razor to your grooming kit you'll need to use a strop to sharpen the leading edge.

Cut-Throat Shavettes are an extension of the straight razor concept removing the need for sharpening as they use a disposable razor blade. The shavette is now used in all barber shops to mitigate infection and contamination.

Shaving Brushes, most commonly made with Chinese Badger Hair, create the pefect shaving lather as they hold lots of water. Using a shaving brush isn't essential but you will notice a big difference in the richness of your lather when you do use one.

Essential Shaving Tips:

  1. Use warm water.
  2. Use a sharp blade.
  3. Always use shaving oil.
  4. Re-apply your shaving lather throughout your shave.
  5. Post-shave, wash the face thoroughly with cold water to close the pores and minimise the risk of shaving rash and razor bumps.
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