Oily / Shiny Skin

Pack a punch in the fight against oily skin

Products to Combat Oily, Shiny Skin

Keep oil at bay and remian shine-free with our handpicked collection of skincare saviours that'll ensure there's not a shine in sight. Discover expert tips and essentials ingredients to stem the flow of sebum from the glands and keep your skin completely shine-free. From cleansers and scrubs to must-have moisturisers, with our help, you'll keep oil in the can and shine back where it belongs.

Expert tips:

Drink plenty of water. When you're dehydrated, your body pulls moisture from the skin to ensure your vital organs remain hydrated. When this happens, the skin compensates by producing more oil to keep the face lubricated. Staying hydrated will help to keep over-active sebum glands calmed.

Avoid foaming face washes. Choose an non-foaming face wash like Anthony Glycolic Facial Cleanser or Baxter of California Daily Face Wash. Foaming face washes are good for low maintenance skin, but those with oily skin may notice the skin becoming shiny as the foam strips the skin of excess oil.

Fight oil with oil. Applying a thin layer rapidly absorbing facial oil will hydrate the skin and help to stop the sebum glands from becoming stimulated. Try Germaine de Capuccini Rosehip Oil.

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  1. BiRetix Duo
    BiRetix Duo (30ml)
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    BiRetix Mask | 25ml
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    BiRetix Micropeel (50ml)
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