TGC Environmental Policy
"It's official, green really is our favourite colour"

Reduce • Reuse • Recycle

We’re as fanatical about the environment (like, officially self-confessed eco-warriors!!) as we are about male grooming products, so it goes without saying that absolutely everything we do is done with the planet in mind and limiting the effects our operation has on the environment. From the packaging we use to the suppliers we select to work with with, we want to ensure that every step of our operation is carried out with the very least impact on our beautiful surroundings, and here’s a few ways we achieve this.

  • We have a zero plastic policy - we do not purchase ANY plastic packaging to use in our parcels. We do however recycle every piece of plastic packaging which comes into us from deliveries and suppliers, and use this in the parcels we despatch to give it a second life. We hope that the people who receive said plastic in their parcels could do the same. So if you see bubble wrap or plastic air cushions inside your parcel, you can be sure that this has been recycled from one of our deliveries.
  • We try to recycle as many boxes as possible and use them to despatch your orders in. Some of the boxes we receive from our deliveries we can’t use to send parcels in as they carry certain symbols which aren’t always permitted in the postal networks, or they’re simply too big. For these boxes, we break them up and cut them down to be used to line boxes which require a little more support.
  • The white packaging peanuts which you’ll find inside your parcel are made of starch, and if you put them into your compost heap they will degrade naturally. If you receive a parcel which contains the white or green polystyrene-type packaging peanuts, these have been recycled from one of deliveries to give them a second life. If you can re-use them to offer them a third life, we’ll be well on our way to becoming best friends. The polystyrene chips are sadly not recyclable and that’s the reason why we don't buy them, we only recycle them as we receive them from suppliers.
  • We encourage the suppliers we work with to remove unnecessary packaging from our deliveries and also from their product's packaging. Thankfully lots of brands are now removing their cellophane wrapping from products and some are doing-away with boxes. This is all really encouraging to see and we hope to be able to work further with them to keep reducing the amount of packaging required to house products.

"Less packaging = a smiley planet"

"Less packaging = a smiley planet" Other things we do to Protect the Environment:
  • We host our website with a carbon neutral company. This means that any impact they have from running their technology is counteracted by the efforts they make to offset emissions. It’s a win-win situation for both us and the environment. We send our printer toner cartridges off to charity for them to recycle them and receive income for their worthy causes. We train our employees to share our environmental values and ensure that every aspect of their work is carried out with the environment in mind.
  • We strive to improve each and every day, it’s an opportunity that doesn’t end when work finishes, we carry these values through our personal lives to ensure that we’re all doing our bit to protect the future of where we eat, sleep and live.

If you have any ideas on how we can improve further, please do drop us a line as you sound like the kind of person we’d get along with perfectly.