The Fragrance Edit - The Summer-Autumn Transition

With cooler temperatures now on the horizon, it’s time to shake-up your fragrance collection, pushing the citrus and sunny scents to the back and bringing the autumnal aromas forward.

We’ve picked our 6 top - most recommended - fragrances for Autumn 2017.

1. Escentric 02 by Escentric Molecules - Suitable for both daytime and evening wear.

One of the more woody fragrances from the award-winning Escentric Molecules collection, Escentric 02 champions Ambroxan, Jasmine and a ‘gin and tonic accord’ to turn heads and get people talking.

2. Castle Forbes Neroli Special Reserve - Suitable for both daytime and evening wear.

Neroli has been the ‘in’ ingredient for the past couple of years. Unlike other citrus fragrance notes, Neroli has a unique depth which makes it the perfect tone to transition from warmer to cooler temperatures. Expertly crafted by master perfumer Andrew French, Neroli Special Reserve is one of Castle Forbes finest fragrances.

3. Boudicca Wode - Suitable for both daytime and evening wear.

A collaboration between Gaza Schoen (the perfumer who created Escentric Molecules) and British fashion house, Bouddica. The scent encapsulates the finest attributes of Oud with a wonderful base formed of Juniper Berry and Pink Pepper. It’s fresh yet carries longevity and intensity.

4. Mémoires de Musique by Eight & Bob - Suitable for both daytime and evening wear.

A reflection of the Caribbean summer, Mémoires de Musique brings warmer, sunny notes into an autumnal fragrance chiefly formed of woody and musky undertones. The scent is beautifully balanced and perfectly formed, bringing the refreshment found in Bergamot and Orange Blossom into allegiance with the raw, woody notes of Amber.

5. Moulin Rouge by Histoires de Parfums - Better suited to evening

A celebration of one of Paris’ most frequented night spots, Moulin Rouge brings the excitement and anticipation of the venue to the nose through Absinthe, Cinnamon and Musk. The results is a unique fragrance, like one you’ve never smelt before, that’s floral, powder-y and magnificently masculine.

6. Uomo by Carthusia - Better suited to evening

Uomo is the hero men’s fragrance from the house of Carthusia. Carrying an abundance of Italian charm, Uomo depicts the man who likes excess but still strikes balance. Freshly spun cashmere, Russian leather and fresh fruit gives depth and vigour to this ravishing scent.