What makes a best seller: Recipe for Men Alcohol-Free Antiperspirant Deodorant

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What makes a best seller: Recipe for Men Alcohol Free Anti Perspirant Deodorant

When we find a hero product it really ought to be shouted about and Recipe for Men’s Roll-on Deodorant is worthy of just that. Not only do we think it’s an outstanding formula, looking at the amount of times it’s purchased daily, you guys obviously think it’s worthy of a shout out too.

So what makes it any different to other Anti Perspirants?

1. There’s one main ingredient that sets this deodorant head and shoulders above the rest; Aluminium Chlorohydrate. This acts as a wetness regulator by placing salt into the pores which helps to control the amount of sweat secreted by the body. It also helps to neutralise odour, so your skin stays fresh all day. One of the main benefits of Aluminium Chlorohydrate is its ability to control moisture without completely blocking the pores. This allows the skin to breathe naturally whilst still remaining dry and free-from odour.

2. The creamy, alcohol-free formula glides onto the skin and helps to stops the skin from being deprived of moisture. The skin is suitably hydrated and sweat secretion is perfectly controlled- this makes Recipe for Men Deodorant a real winner.

3. It’s not sticky; the formula glides on to the skin and sinks-in really quickly.

4. It doesn’t turn your shirt yellow; the formula has been developed to ensure it doesn't stain clothing. Just make sure you let it dry first before donning your clothes.

5. It carries a really subtle, fresh scent that doesn’t interfere with your cologne.

Recipe for Men Alcohol-Free Ant Perspirant Deodorant is £15 / 60ml

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