Get Set for Spring

springSpring is just around the corner so it's time to start getting your grooming regime set for sunnier climes. Find out here how your skin will react to the warmer weather and the 6 things you should be looking to address to keep you fresh and well groomed.

Having had a small taste of warmer climes, Spring is definitely on the horizon. To get your grooming regime in super spring shape we've complied a list of need-to-knows for the sunnier season.



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1. The heat can draw moisture from the skin, and if the body is dehydrated, the skin is the first place that will will forfeit its moisture. Drink small amounts of water regularly throughout the day and take a glass of water to bed with you. Moistursing from within is the most important part of maintaining your skin's health.



2. The intensity of the sun will magnify and the risk of sunburn will increase. Protect your skin from irreversible damage using medical grade sunscreen from Heliocare. Heliocare is one of the most highly recommended sun-care collections by doctors and dermatologists alike.



3. Use a face mask to remove congestion from winter, and to brighten the overall appearance of the skin. Try Men-U D-Tox Deep Clean Clay Mask for a deep-down clean and a major blackhead removal treatment.



4. Control the levels of oil on the face to reduce shine and improve your appearance. Try using a face wash with Glycolic Acid and an Oil Control Lotion to keep the face matte. The sun will reflect shine.



5. Keep your body free from odour and monitor perspiration. If you use an anti-perspirant deodorant you may well make the situation worse as the formula clogs the pores and prevents the lymphatic system from excreting sweat. This will mean that your sweat will find the path of least resistance and ultimately make its way to the surface on your back or other areas of the body. To keep this smelly issue contained use a body wash that neutralises odours and a deodorant that doesn't clog the pores. Try Wash With Joe Coffee Mint Body Wash & Anthony Logistics Alcohol-free Deodorant.



6. Brighten up your complexion with a subtle self-tanning product. This can do wonders for your confidence and really enhance your appearance. Try Anthony Logistics Self-Tanner with Anti-Ageing Complex. It's provides a very natural, healthy glow without turning you turbo-charged orange.