How to cover up skin imperfections

how to cover up skin imperfectionsSpots, thread veins, sun damage? These are the most common concerns when it comes to perfecting our appearance. Addressing such issues is really quite simple, and to get you started we've enlisted the help of our resident men's grooming expert, Steven O'Neill, and asked him to share his expert advice with us. Here's what he had to say...

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how to cover up skin imperfections
NuBo Bio electric buff
Face Scrub: NuBo Bio Electric Buff
 NuBo Perfectionist
 Conceal: NuBo Perfectionist

How to cover up skin imperfections

The odd spot? Thread veins? Sun Damage? These are the most common concerns that men have when it comes to their appearance. Concerned? You shouldn't be as treating / covering them up is really very simple.
The main objective here is to cover the imperfections as naturally as possible, so to the naked eye your genius act can't be identified. To execute this successfully, you need to prepare the skin adequately, then consider applying a product that will cover-up the issue.

The Preparation:

Use a face scrub to ensure that the surface of the skin is completely flat. Dead skin cells will 'blow your cover' as once you apply a concealing product they dry-out and start to flake off. Try NuBo Bio electric buff £38

Moisturise your skin as per norman and allow your skin a minute or two to absorb it. Try using an Oil-free facial lotion, this will minimise the 'film' that it left on the skin and allow your concealing agent best access to the problem.

The Disguise:

NuBo Perfectionist is a concealing treatment that has been designed specifically for men's skin. The product comes in 3 different variations, all of which accommodate all skin tones.
NuBo Perfectionist 01 - for fair skin
NuBo Perfectionist 03 - olive / medium skin
NuBo Perfectionist 05 - darker skin

To apply, dispense a tiny amount of the product onto the tip of your index finger and 'pat' it over the area that you would like to perfect. Continue to 'pat' until you are happy that the product has blended with your skin's natural tone. Hey presto, your little secret is safe!

NuBo Perfectionist washes off very easily and looks completely natural. 
Areas where you could consider using it include:
Around the nose to cover thread veins,
On spots,
On the forehead to disguise sun-damage,
On scars to help to reduce their appearance.
Questions? Feel free to drop us a line, one of our men's grooming experts will respond to you within a couple of hours.