5 Male Grooming Must-Haves

nubo bio electric buffGetting to grips, successfully, with a decent skincare regime isn't all that difficult. To get you started, we've compiled a list of 5 must-have items which will get you groomed to perfection.

Getting to grips with the world of male grooming can be a mystifying adventure. What to use, when to use and how-the-freaking-hell to use, are the all-too-common questions we all need the answers to. There are 3 basic principles every 'Groomer' should consider when selecting their grooming tools, and following them religiously will lead to triumph!

  • 1. Keep it simple - build a regime which is manageable. If you make it too complicated you're less likely to follow it.
  • 2. Don't spend huge amounts of cash if you don't know what you're buying - there are some super expensive products out there which are worthy of every penny, there's also lots which aren't. If you feel tempted to part with your hard earned cash for a pricey product try a sample first.
  • 3. Be consistent - Miracles don't appear overnight. There's no point be teacher's pet one day, rebel the next, so build a routine and stick to it.
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The 5 Non-Negiotables
To steer you in the direction of grooming success we've compiled a list of the 5 potions and products no man should function without.
Not the cheapest but leagues ahead of its competitors. Use a pea-sized amount prior to shaving to lift the hair and remove dead skin cells.
Quite possibly the best shave formula on the market. Its consistency is not too dissimilar to that of thick glue. It covers the skin perfectly well and softens and soothes as you shave. Again, use a tiny amount.
Quick and easy. It does exactly what is says on the tin. Keeps the face soft and supple whilst holding back the onset of ageing.
An invigorating jumpstart to your day. The natural deodorising qualities of coffee cleanse the body and rid any adverse odours. Super stylish too!
  • 5. The Must-Have Tool - Razorpit £19.95
Blades are incredibly expensive. Extend the life of your cartridges by upto 150 shaves with RazorPit. It's simple to use and works on similar principles to that of a barber's strop. If you wet shave, you really shouldn't be without this.