The Christmas Wish List - What to buy the man who has everything

nickelThe Essential Christams Wishlist, a comprehensive guide to buying gifts for the man who literally has everything. Some of the finest men's grooming collections showcased in luxury packaging.

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Our Grooming Guru's best picks for the festive season, and what to buy for the man who, quite literally, has everything.

wash with joe
A collection of body care products hedged into a super stylish gift box. Featuring Gentlemen's Tonic's signature scent, this gift set will please the most discerning of recipient.
I don't believe there is a man who walks this planet who can escape the growth of facial hair. So, with this in mind, equip him with this collection of shave products to take maximum care of his mush whilst removing unwanted hair.
A collection of Nickel's champion products to get any aspirational man grooming. Containing Nickel Super Speed Moisturiser, Nickel Super Clean Facial Scrub and Nickel Eye Contour Gel.

This season's must have stocking filler. A invigorating blend of
coffee and peppermint to jump start your day. Super stylish and voted the most recommended unisex body wash.
The most luxurious teeth whitening kit on the market. Packed with mineral rich whitening qualities, and enamel restoring properties, this teeth whitening kit will make the perfect gift for the modern dandy.