Hair Clay - Choose Right, Style Right

Hair Clay - Choose Right, Style Right

Men's Hair Clay
Building structure, offering a matte, natural-looking finish and having flexible, strong hold is what hair clay is all about, and currently they're the most popular products in the hair styling category. Hair clay’s come in various formats, from creamy, relatively viscous consistencies to much thicker, harder pomades. The one thing they all have in common is they all contain clay which help to increase density as it expands when it is in contact with moisture. Increased density makes the hair easier to style and if your hair is thin, or thinning, it will help to make it appear thicker. Clay also absorb excess oil so if you don’t want to have to wash your hair every day, Clay may well become your new number one.

Expert tips:

  • Hair clays can be heavier, avoid applying them near to the root of the hair. Style from the tips and work your way back towards the scalp.
  • For a completely matte finish, apply hair clay to completely dry hair.
  • If you prefer a subtle shine, or want to maximise volume, apply your clay to towel dried hair.
  • Clay can be used a styling base. If you want to hold and texture of a hair clay but you prefer the finish of a pomade, use your hair clay first then ‘cocktail’ over the top with pomade.
We’ve highlighted our top hair clay picks to help you choose right.

Coltrane Hair Clay by Triumph & Disaster

Alongside Baxter of California and Jack Black Clay Pomade, Coltrane is one of the thicker hair clays. It carries a blend of nourishing ingredients to help to condition the hair while it locks-in your look. Best for a those who prefer a natural-looking finish with flexible hold.

Clay Pomade by Baxter of California

The number one product from the entire Baxter of California collection, Clay Pomade speaks for itself. This outstanding clay adds definition and texture yet still allows the hair to bend and flex throughout the day.

Claymation by Hanz de Fuko

One of the most popular men’s hair clays worldwide, Hanz de Fuko Claymation take hair clays to a whole;e new level. This easy to apply hair clay thickens the hair and has very strong hold with the added benefit of a natural finish.

Rough Wax by Reference of Sweden

Rough Wax instantly adds volume and creates a totally matte finish with extra strong hold.

Clay Pomade by Jack Black

Jack Black’s Clay Pomade leaves a similar finish to Baxter of California Clay Pomade but it better suited to those who like lots of volume and no shine.