Everything You Need To Know About Hanz De Fuko

Everything You Need To Know About Hanz De Fuko

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Hanz de Fuko


Hanz de Fuko was founded in San Francisco by co-founders David Alfonso and Christopher Zent. Both Zent and Alfonso had worked in Silicon Valley for most of their careers and turned to entrepreneurship to showcase their desire for hair care products and men being comfortable with expressing their individuality.
Hanz de Fuko isn't about buying into an all encompassing brand that will be your exclusive choice for hair products, it’s about cherry-picking the products that you like and building them into your lifestyle with the rest of your favourites. Expressing your individuality and being ‘you’ is at the very heart of what Hanz de Fuko is all about; be you, be comfortable and be confident, all while achieving the very best out of your hair style.
Hanz de Fuko Products
All of the Hanz de Fuko products are made with natural and some organic ingredients. This concept fits with the ethos of feeding your soul, and your hair, with what’s absolutely best for it.
David and Christopher took inspiration from Venice Beach to create the Hanz de Fuko DNA, championing the confident, dapper and fearless attitude of those who frequent Los Angeles’ most adored beach. The result is a collection of hair care masterpieces which not only please the hair, they offer visual pleasure to the eyes, too.


Hanz de Fuko - flat lay

#1 - Claymation

A hybrid of hair clay and hair wax, Claymation gives maximum hold with no-shine. It’s completely water-soluble so it rinses out really easily when washing leaving no build-up.

#2 - Quicksand

High hold, ultra matte finish, Quicksand gives crunch and punch to your look. This texture-boosting formula absorbs excess oil and adds density to your style with no added weight- pretty impressive, huh!

#3 - Style Lock Hair Spray

Got the look, lock the look! Style Lock secures your style with a matte-finish, dry mist which is applied at arms length and subtly holds your hair in situ all day long.

#4 - Dry Shampoo

Find your hair easier to style on the second day after washing it? Us too. Hanz de Fuko Dry Shampoo ensures your hair is kept clean and fresh while allowing the natural oils to remain on both your hair and scalp.

#5 - Natural Shampoo

Cleanse your hair the natural way with Hanz de Fuko’s state of the art Natural Shampoo for men. Formulated with 16 pure natural plant extracts and 10 different amino acids, this daily Shampoo keeps your hair and scalp in perfect form.

#6 - Gravity Paste

A unique formula which activates when it makes contact with the hair and skin, Gravity Paste offers an ultra strong hold with a medium, low-gloss shine.