Introducing Electric Ink Skincare

Electric Ink Skincare 


Introducing Electric Ink Skincare

Where tattoos meet the latest in skincare technology


We are proud and excited, in equal measures, to announce the arrival of Electric Ink Skincare to The Grooming Clinic. Developed by a small team of Electric Ink junkies (aka. tattoo devotees), this small range of tattoo aftercare products helps your artwork bed-in with ease and maintains the colour and vibrancy of your showpiece.

The collection consists of 3 products all of which are infused with Liftonin®-Xpert to protect the colour and accuracy of your tattoo. Liftonin®-Xpert has anti-inflammatory properties to soothe and calm, helps to promote collagen synthesis to keep the skin firm and prevent any sagging and gently reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

The Collection:


 Electric Ink Tattoo Skincare

Electric Ink Daily Moisturiser

This is a daily hydrating cream for tattoos. Once you tattoo has completely healed, apply this moisturiser every day after showering to keep the area hydrated and to support the internal dermal structure to prevent the shape of your artwork deteriorating.

Electric Ink Vibrancy Serum

This is a thick ultra-nourishing serum that boosts the colour of your tattoo using a unique cocktail of Vitamin C, Amino Acids and Inca Inchi Oil. Use daily.

Electric Ink Defining Body Oil

This is an all-over body hydrator with the added bonus of tattoo nourishing properties. As well as the super-powerful Liftonin®-Xpert, Defining body Oil also contain Coconut Oil to inject a shot of hydration; Vitamin C to support skin health; Vitamin E Acetate to prevent dehydration and ageing, and White Lupin Seed Extract to improve elasticity and firmness. Use daily after showering.


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