Get The Look - The Pop Crop


Get The Look - The Pop Crop


The Pop Crop, aka Brit Pop Crop, was hugely popular in the mid to late nighties and it’s making a come-back. Set to take the hair care world by storm, this slightly dishevelled look is fairly easy to achieve and is best suited to those with medium thickness and finer hair. Those with very thick hair may find this style difficult to achieve (see essential step 2).


Essential steps;

1. Start with slightly damp/ towel dried hair.
2. If you’re hair is thick, use a conditioner beforehand to soften the hair and make it more pliable. For best results, always leave your conditioner on the hair for 60 seconds before rinsing. (Try Stemm Gold Fulvic Conditioner)
3. Have a hair dryer on hand and set it to medium heat. Don’t be tempted to use the highest setting as it will literally bake your products onto your hair and you’ll find it tricky to style.
4. Once you’ve got the look, set the hair in place with a quick spritz of hairspray.


The products you'll need:

Fish Soho Fishape Texturising Cream

Fish Soho Fish Fibre

Fish Stick Fixing Hair Spray



We turned to the chaps at Fish Soho for the low-down on this retro look and asked them the quickest and easiest way to secure the Pop Crop. Here’s what they had to say;