How To Apply Your Fragrance

men's grooming fragrancesIt may seem fairly obvious that a spray here & there will achieve the result, but will it last all that long. With fragrance prices rising, we've compiled a grooming guide which will help you to get the most out of your fragrance without wasting any.

men's fragrancesHow to apply your fragance - properly!

It's often said that your choice of fragrance says a lot about your inner self; your personality, your demeana and your style & taste. So, picking the correct fragrance is the first key to success here, the second, is wearing it properly.

Now, this may sound a little far fetched, but if you've ever witnessed somebody wearing far too much fragrance, so much so that it interrupts your interaction with the them, you'll know exactly what we mean.



First up; the application

Applying your fragrance accurately will ensure you achieve its ultimate potential. The warmest parts of your body will help your fragrance to flourish, so pay particular attention the pulse points; your neck and your wrists. These areas are parts of the body where the blood passes near to the surface level, thus generating heat. This will stimulate the fragrance to share its scent.
If you wear a strong fragrance, namely those suitable for evening wear, you should apply it before donning your clothes. Apply it to the pulse points as above, then spray it onto your chest. This will control the amount of scent that gets released at any one time, avoiding overpowering people but maintaining longevity.



Notes to consider;


Fragrances have a high alcoholic content. Spraying them onto your clothes could ruin them, spraying them onto your hair will dry it out.


Eau De Cologne - most suitable for daily wear.


Eau De Parfum - More concentrated and most suitable for evening wear.


Eau De Toilette - bridges the gap between the above. Less concentrated than EDP, suitable for daytime or evening.


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