Perfumery is one of our many specialities. Selecting fragrances for their complexity, artistic appeal and charm is the framework used by our resident 'nose' to create a collection of outstanding scents that guarantee to impress. Working with some of the world's best perfumers, we've curated a range of scents that challenge the nose and bring olfcatory essences to the heart of modern day perfumery. Featuring Carthusia, Histoires de Parfums, Eight & Bob, Escentric Molecules and many more.


Aedes de Venustas Agua de Colonia Baxter of California  Boudicca Wode
 Carthusia Castle Forbes   Charriol Perfumes  Czech & Speake Fragrances
 D R Harris Eight & Bob  Escentric Molecules  Germaine de Capuccini 
 Histoires de Parfums  Ineke Jack Black  Jean Charles Brosseau 
 Jean D'Aveze Korres  Linari  Molinard 
 Musgo Real Richard James  Saskia Diez  The Scent of Departure 
 Ulrich Lang New York