How To Tackle Razor Rash

shavingIt is estimated than more than 70% of men will suffer the effects of regular razor rash, whilst 95% will experience the onset of a rash as some point during their shaving life. Here is a detailed guide designed to teach you how to shave and avoid an unsightly, and painful, Razor Rash. You'll find out here exactly what products to use, the technique to adopt and the fastest, most convenient way to build it into your morning shave.

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How To Tackle Razor Rash

Razor Rash, or Razor Burn, not only unsightly - it's god damn painful. There are many myths as to what causes the problem, so don't waste your precious time trying to establish which one gets the better of your post-shave neck. It's fairly simple to avoid the onset of a rash after shaving by using a sharp blade, not being over-zealous with your razor and using the correct products.
  • If you are prone to Razor Rash, use a thicker product, preferably a shave oil, to coat the skinand protect it from the 'cut.' Try Karin Herzog's Shave Oil; it's consistenc

  • y is similar to that of thick glue. It's easy to apply and moisturises the neck and face during and after shaving.
  • After shaving, leave the residual oil on the face. To clean the shaven area simply dampen the hands with cool water and 'swipe' them once over the face then pat dry. Leaving the remaining oil on the skin will protect it from the elements and help to heal any damage your blade has caused.
  • Use a strong astringent. Astringents are anti-bacterial, and anti-razor rash too. A strong astringent will clean the neck and close the pores - reducing ingrown hairs and the appearance of spots. For convenience try Anthony Logistics Astringent Toner Pads. Disposable and super quick to use, simply swipe the pad over the shaven area and follow with your moisturiser.

  • Use a post shave balm
    . Our top recommendation has to be The Cool Fix by Shave Works. This cooling, post-shave gel will sting initially but the pain is worth its weight in shave oil! Say bye to any trace of razor burn with the concentrated healing properties this cooling gel contains.
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