How To Survive Winter

winterSurviving winter can be a battle. Car not starting, de-icer not working, train cancelled, you name it - winter welcomes it. We've compiled a 4 step skincare guide to get your skin through the colder season, problem free. It's simple and easy to follow...


winterThe cooler clime can make you feel a little washed out and the elements can be fairly harsh on your skin. The main issue for most chaps being; your confidence may well pay the penalty. Fear not, as a little grooming know-how will see you through the winter fittingly, sprucing up your face to summer standards.
  • Step 1.
Stay hydrated. Drinking plenty of water will help to 'moisturise from within.'
  • Step 2.
Use a strong face cream. Something like Karin Herzog's Oxygen Face Cream; packed with hydrating qualities to protect your face from the cold.
  • Step 3.
Get plenty of sleep. A good 8 hours a night will allow your skin time to repair any damage is may have sustained during the course of the day.
  • Step 4.
anthony self tannerTry a moisturiser which contains a self tanning ingredient. This will help to give your complexion a glow without turning you turbo-charged orange. Try Nickel's Le Grand Buff with Self Tanner or Anthony Logistics Self Tanner with Anti-Ageing Complex. Both are specially formulated for men's skin, with men's grooming rules in mind. Don't be afraid of them, they may well be your key to skincare success this winter.
Following these 4 simple steps should get you through the cooler temperatures, without your confidence taking a 'hit.'