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Top Mens Moisturiser - Do ‘Real Men’ Use Moisturiser?

Top mens moisturiser is used by a growing number of men. But for some, it is deemed too ‘girly’ and not ‘manly enough’, even if it can prevent dry skin, protect from the elements, and keep skin looking younger and healthier. So the question is: do real men use moisturiser?

The term ‘real man’ doesn’t actually mean anything. A ‘real man’ is someone who identifies with being male, and there’s nothing more to it than that. And yet the phrase is used often, and can cause bullying even now, in the twenty-first century. Mens moisturiser is used by a large number of men, and it certainly doesn’t detract from their masculinity – nothing can do that. Yet the problem remains that those who worry about such things have to find fault. One thing that helps the cause, and shows men and women just how great male moisturiser is, is when people who are perceived to be ultra-masculine proudly declare that they use it. When Ross Kemp recently did just that, he (perhaps unknowingly) will have shown an entire generation of men that male grooming is okay. Ross Kemp loves his moisturiser. He travels to some inhospitable countries in which the climate is incredibly bad for the skin, so moisturising every day with a product that includes a high SPF is, in his words, essential. But Kemp also moisturises when he is at home too, because he knows it’s good for his skin. He even gave his best friend moisturiser as a gift!

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