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Top Mens Grooming Products - What Common Mistakes Do Men Make When Shaving?

Top mens grooming products such as shaving cream, shaving gel and aftershave lotion are always popular. But shaving isn’t a skill that men are born with – it’s something they have to learn. High quality products and tools will help, but what are the mistakes that are often made, and how can they be avoided?

Shaving rash is one of the main – and most painful – problems associated with mens grooming. It is a bumpy, sore irritation to the face that can become infected, and it is caused by using a dirty razor. Make sure your razor is bacteria-free at all times. Shaving when you have acne is another problem, and so you need to rid your skin of the spots quickly. Add an extra cleanser to your male grooming regime that is made to reduce acne and you will be much more comfortable. Dry skin also makes shaving a chore. This is where the right moisturiser becomes invaluable – it’s much easier to shave soft, supple skin than skin that is dry, raw and sore. Sensitive skin has been the bane of many a man’s life, and shaving just seems to make it worse. Growing a beard isn’t always an option, so it’s a good idea to use a good pre-shave lotion to prepare and protect your skin for what is about to happen to it. Men get ingrown hairs and they are a true issue. To solve the problem, put a hot flannel or cloth on your face and let the heat bring the hair to the surface, then pluck it out.

Here at The Grooming Clinic, we offer top mens grooming products for all occasions including pre- and post-shave gels and creams. Buy a quality shaving product from and you will immediately see – and feel – the difference. No more rashes and no more discomfort; instead you’ll have the perfect clean shave.