Moisturisers with SPF

Protecting your face from the sun is an essential step to take to ensure that your skin remains healthy and free-from pre-mature ageing. The best way to build this step into your grooming regime is to use a facial moisturiser that contains SPF, that way you only need to apply one lotion. Facial moisturisers with SPF already built-in tend to be less greasy than regular sun creams making them perfect for every day use. We recommend always using a moisturiser with SPF whether the sun is roaring or it's a cloudy day. UVA & UVB rays don't discriminate, they penetrate through the skin and carry damaging effects.

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UVA & UVB rays expedite the ageing process of the skin by penetrating into the lower layers and damaging the skin's DNA. UVA is the dominat tanning ray and is responsible for activating melanin production and turning the skin brown. UVB rays cause reddening and burning of the skin. They don't travel as deep into the skin as UVA rays, but UVB has the capability of damaging the skin even on a cold day.
Protecting your skin using a moisturiser that carries SPF will reduce the risk of premature ageing and help to prevent serious health issues such as skin cancer.
How to use your SPF
Apply your moisturiser to clean dry skin and always re-apply after swimming, sweating or washing your face. Apply liberally and work it into the hairline, around the ears and onto the back on the neck.
Your SPF creates an invisible screen across the face that when dispalyed under UV light shows a black mask that is protecting your skin.
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  1. Anthony Day Cream SPF 30 (90ml)
    Anthony Day Cream SPF 30 (90ml)
    Special Price £27.20 Regular Price £34.00
  2. Heliocare 360 Colour - Oil-Free Gel Beige
    Heliocare 360 Colour Oil-Free Gel - Beige (50ml)
    Special Price £26.39 Regular Price £32.99
  3. Heliocare 360 SPF 50+ Mineral Sunscreen (50ml)
    Heliocare 360 Mineral Tolerance Fluid SPF 50 (50ml)
    Special Price £24.80 Regular Price £31.00
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