Swedish Hair Care & Styling Products with Ocean Silk Technology


Sachajuan is comprehensive hair care collection that has been developed by two famous Swedish hairstylists. This professional hair care collection contains everything a highly accliamed hair care professional needs to achieve the very best finish. The range carries a simple yet stylish design that reflects the company's ethos of style and simplicity. Sachajuan have based their hair care collection around Ocean Silk Technology which carries powerful healing & nourishing properties that transfer to the hair. The hair is left full of vitality and bounce post-use.

Hero products from the collection are Sachajuan Ocean Mist, Scalp Shampoo and Volume Powder. Ocean Mist is a salt spray for the hair that gives a beachy, edgy finish to your style. It adds texture and structure to your style and makes achieving your look hassle-free. This leave-in spray can be applied to wet or dry hair and can be used before blow drying.

Scalp Shampoo has been developed to thoroughly cleanse both the hair and scalp. If you have oily hair or use strong styling products that leave build-up behind and can be stubborn to wash out then this is the perfect shampoo for you.

Volume Powder works at the roots to support the hair and adds density. This easy-to-apply spray powder gives your hair a fuller, more volumous look that makes styling easier and your hair look much thicker.

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  1. Sachajuan Body Wash - Shiny Citrus
    Sachajuan Body Wash - Shiny Citrus (500ml)
    Special Price £24.00 Regular Price £30.00
  2. Sachajuan Curl Treatment
    Sachajuan Curl Treatment (250ml)
    Special Price £18.40 Regular Price £23.00
  3. Sachajuan Dark Volume Hair Powder Travel Size
    Sachajuan Dark Volume Hair Powder (75ml)
    Special Price £9.60 Regular Price £12.00
  4. Sachajuan Dark Volume Powder
    Sachajuan Dark Volume Powder (200ml)
    Special Price £19.20 Regular Price £24.00
  5. Sachajuan Fibre Paste
    Sachajuan Fibre Paste (75ml)
    Special Price £17.60 Regular Price £22.00
  6. Sachajuan Finish Cream (75ml)
    Sachajuan Finish Cream (75ml)
    Special Price £14.40 Regular Price £18.00
  7. Sachajuan Hair Cleansing Cream
    Sachajuan Hair Cleansing Cream (500ml)
    Special Price £22.40 Regular Price £28.00
    Out of stock
  8. Sachajuan Hair In The Sun (125ml)
    Sachajuan Hair In The Sun (125ml)
    Special Price £16.00 Regular Price £20.00
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