Popular Mens Perfume

Popular Mens Perfume - What Makes A Perfume Popular?

Popular mens perfume is all around us. It can be found in the shops, online and in advertising. Even the rich and famous stars of stage and screen like to endorse their favourite. But what is it that makes a certain scent, cologne, or fragrance popular? Why some and not others?

A lot of what makes a certain mens perfume popular is down to advertising – or at least to start with. A good advertising campaign will see a boost in male scent sales, but in truth, if the product isn’t as good as the hype leads us to believe, sales will soon drop back down again. It won’t matter if the most famous man in the world claims to wear it himself. It won’t matter if it is featured in a blockbuster movie or the latest viral video. The perfume has to be good to begin with. It has to actually smell delicious. It has to make both those who wear and it and those who smell it feel good. After advertising, it’s all down to the product itself. Those who enjoy male grooming are pretty particular when it comes to choosing their special scent, so choosing a popular perfume isn’t exactly what counts, but it is a good place to start. The best scents for men are extensively tested and designed to appeal to certain types and styles of men. So what makes a perfume popular is down to science, and, yes, excellent advertising. However, what makes a perfume stay popular is down to taste, but tastes change over the years. This is why what was the best mens perfume in the 1980s is a distant memory now.

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