Perfume Mens

Perfume Mens: Why We’ve Stepped Back In Time

Perfume mens is becoming more and more popular. Why? It is all part of the grooming revolution that is taking over our high streets, shopping centres, and online stores. Men want to look and smell great, and that means investing in high quality, top of the line cologne and perfumes.

Mens perfume is consistently out-performing ladies’ perfumes when it comes to who’s buying what, and the trend is growing. The entire grooming regime for men has changed over recent decades, although there is a certain retro vibe to it that calls to mind the 1930s and 1940s. At this time men, if they didn’t specifically ensure that their hair, face, and teeth were as perfect as possible, at least made sure that they were neat, dressed smartly, and smelled good when they left the house. In those days it was a matter of pride – and it was what everyone did, both men and women. No one wanted to be talked about for looking untidy. But as time moved on and the years passed, although women still enjoyed making themselves look as good as possible, a weariness about dressing smartly, about male grooming in general, set in. After a while, men stepped away from the mirror and the brylcreem seemingly altogether. By the time the 1990s came around, men didn’t look as though they wanted to bother at all, and so-called ‘lad culture’ made it difficult for anyone who did want to take care of their appearance to do so without being mocked.

Thankfully those times are long gone, and perfume mens is now back on top, where it should be. There are a huge number of excellent perfumes and scents available today, and at The Grooming Clinic there is an incredible choice at superb prices. Browse through our range of specially chosen fragrances at