NIOD Low Viscosity Cleaning Ester (240ml)


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Unlike other facial cleansers, NIOD Low Viscosity Cleaning Ester contains absolutely no water. This powerful facial 'Cleaner' has been developed using isolated sugars and avocado extracts that protect the skin's natural state whilst completely lifting dirt from the skin. Described by its users as a 'dirt magnet', Cleaning Ester drastically reduces the amount of impurities in the skin and dramatically improves the appearnce of the complexion.

Post-use the skin feels beautifully hydrated and perfectly nourished although the benefits don't finish there. The trace elements left behind after cleaning the skin work as a delivery mechanism for topical treatments applied to face. This means that your serums, eye creams and moisturisers work much harder and get deeper access into the lower layers of the skin.


  • The skin is left hydrated with a matte finish
  • Dramatic reduction in the level of impurities in the skin
  • Sebum production is controlled and dermal barriers are protected.

Available for worldwide delivery from the UK.

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NIOD Low Viscosity Cleaning Ester takes science and skincare to a whole new level. The development team at NIOD have worked tirelessly to create a facial cleanser that is water-free yet still has a workable consistency.

What is an Ester?

Unless your a Chemist or a Chemistry graduate you probably won't be aware of Esters. Esters are organic compunds that are made by removing the hydrogen in an acid and replacing it with an aleternative organic element. In layman's terms, Essential Oils and Fatty Acids are Esters that you'll be more familiar with.

Why water-free?

Surprisingly using water externally on the skin can have a dehydrating effect. NIOD wanted to formulate a Cleaning Ester that left the skin perfectly hydrated after use so fundamentally it couldn't contain any water. For this reason avocado extract and isolated sugars were used instead to deliver the very best experience.

What does Low Viscosity mean?

Viscosity is a term used to descibe the consistency of a liquid. For example honey has a high viscosity and water has a low viscosity. NIOD included the term Low Viscosity in the name to illustrate the liqiudity of the Cleaning Ester.

Suitable for all skin types.

More Information
Brand NIOD
How to use Apply to the skin with or without water. With water, gently massage the Ester onto the skin and rinse. Without water, apply using the fingertips or a cotton wool pad.
Expert's Tip This is the best face wash that we've ever come across. It's perfect for all skin types and leaves the face in perfect form post-use.
When To Use Daily.

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