Mr Natty Mustache Wax

Mr Natty Mustache Wax - Keep Your Moustache Neat, Just Like In The Movies

Mr Natty Mustache Wax works wonders on even the wildest of moustaches, keeping them tame and untangled, dapper and delightful. Moustaches are perhaps the most personal way of showing your personality, and there have been some incredible moustache creations in movies over the years to draw inspiration from.

The cinema has always been a place where fashions are created and trends are born, and whether it’s clothing or mens grooming, it’s exactly the same thing. Take Ben Stiller in Dodgeball, for example. His moustache in that movie was masculine and impressive, and definitely one for the more confident man to emulate. Clark Gable’s moustache in Gone With The Wind is the stuff of legend, and has had women swooning for over 70 years. It is so neat and so well groomed that the overall effect is of a man who definitely takes care of himself. As for Daniel Day Lewis in Gangs of New York, that epic moustache would most certainly have needed plenty of moustache wax to hold it in that impressive, upturned shape. The same goes for Dustin Hoffman’s facial hair in Hook. That classic children’s film could possibly have inspired an entire generation to grow wonderful moustaches. Kurt Russell’s moustache in Tombstone is impossible to miss. It’s thick and it’s large, but there isn’t a hair out of place. His is a masterclass in how a moustache can look when taken care of properly. Male grooming doesn’t have to be a chore – pick your favourite moustachioed hero (or villain) and see if you can follow his style with specially designed products for men.

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