Mr Natty Hair Products

Mr Natty Hair Products – Which Of The Many Types Available Should You Choose?

Mr Natty hair products are well loved by men across the globe. They are affordable yet they have enough choice to make every hair style possible and every hair type look incredible. Their wide range is awesome, but what are the differences between clay, wax and paste when it comes to your hair?

The number of different mens hair products is growing all the time. Mr Natty makes hair clay, hair wax, and hair paste, and the differences between them might surprise you. Men’s hair clay is quite a new phenomenon. They really do contain clay – but it’s not the stuff used to make pots. This clay is most often bentonite which comes from volcanic ash. Hair clays expand when they hit your hair, so they are great at adding volume and texture. They’ll also give your hair body without weighing it down. As a bonus benefit, clay tends to draw dirt out of the hair, while leaving its natural oils in place. Hair wax is another great addition to your male grooming product stock. Wax is similar to pomade, but is lighter so the hold isn’t quite as strict. It does, however, offer a shiny, sleek appearance that can look cool and sophisticated, whether you style with a parting, pompadour or even ducktails. Finally, hair paste is what gives your hair the firmest hold, but it is matte, so your style will look more natural than when you use either wax or clay. Remember that paste needs to be warmed in the hand before use, and when it cools in your hair, it holds there.

The Grooming Clinic’s great website has all the Mr Natty hair products you could desire, including Mr Natty Wax, Mr Natty Clay, and Mr Natty Paste. Take a look at and make your choice. Unsure? Just contact us and we’ll answer any questions you have; you just can’t go wrong!