Mens Perfume

Mens Perfume Attracts Different Kinds Of People

Mens perfume works in the same way as women's perfumes do: to enhance your attractiveness to potential partners or the one you already are with. They can either heighten your natural fragrance or mask it completely. The power and potency of natural pheromones have been much exaggerated and the role of scents, fragrances and men’s perfumes in male grooming have been downplayed. Research on women’s sensitivity to men’s pheromones have led some men to believe their natural sweat and odour is the most attractive scent they can have. While it’s true that women are highly sensitive to men’s pheromones, it is an oversimplification. Wearing a fantastic men’s scent can really amp up your attractiveness.

The Role Of Fragrances In Male Grooming And Attractiveness

Of course, pheromones do play a role in how attractive we are to the opposite sex, but their effects have often been exaggerated. According to research, the perfumes men wear could be much more important in attraction and in determining the type of person that you attract. According to a recent survey, one in 10 people in the UK have had a ‘liaison’ with someone, while another fifth of people surveyed had started a flirtatious conversation, simply because of the fragrance they were wearing at the time. Wearing different brands of popular mens perfume and mens moisturiser could help determine who you attract. Different types of perfume can attract different kinds of people. You can buy men’s fragrances and wear them to make yourself more appealing to everyone from creative types to extroverts and introverts. For instance, creative people are drawn to originality, so you should reflect this in your choice of scent. Choose a perfume with notes of mint, citrus and ginger to attract this kind of person. Jack Black perfume for men, on the other hand, has notes of wood spice, making it ideal for attracting a real extrovert, as such personality types are attracted to the bolder fragrance notes. A more introverted or sensitive partner will respond better to a more subtle and delicate perfume with ‘quieter’ characteristics. You could also try wearing a unisex perfume, ones made for both men and women to wear. A good unisex perfume perfectly balances masculinity and femininity which is a great way to attract a sensitive soul.

How You Should Wear The Best Mens Perfume

Being complimented for the way you smell is something which doesn’t happen as much for men as it does for women. Therefore, when it does happen to you, it feels great. The fragrance you wear is an invisible yet powerful part of your unique, personal style. Wearing the right perfume in the right way can have a strong effect on how people perceive and remember you. The flip-side is that everyone has been around someone wearing far too much mens perfume: it can be overwhelming and off-putting. So learn how to wear it in the right way. First of all, buy the best mens perfume you can afford. Less is often more. Apply it to dry skin, preferably straight after showering, holding the nozzle 3-6 inches from your body. When you start wearing a new perfume for men, start with just a single spray on your chest. As you grow in confidence, you can spray a few other areas. Spray the fragrance onto ‘warm’ areas on your body so your body heat will push the scent through the day. Start with areas such as your chest, neck, lower jaw and wrist, selecting one or two but not all of these. Respray your fragrance only when required, don’t just keep splashing it on. And never, ever rub the perfume in. This breaks the bonds in the fragrance and makes the scent much weaker. Finally, remember that fragrance should be discovered, not announced. You can find and buy mens perfume at The Grooming Clinic, along with a huge range of other grooming products for the modern gentleman.

Find The Perfect Mens Perfume For You At The Grooming Clinic

In the past, a gentleman was defined not just by his actions, but also by the way he dressed, looked and smelled. Sadly, men became much less conscious of how they looked. But today, thankfully, the modern gentleman once again takes pride in his appearance. At The Grooming Clinic, we are one of the leading retailers of male grooming products in Europe. You can find us online at, where we help you navigate the world of men’s grooming products and enable you to look and feel at your peak. For the best selection of mens perfume, why not sign up today for a new customer account?