Mens Moisturiser Gift Sets

Mens Moisturiser Gift Sets - Why We Use Moisturiser And What It Does To Our Skin

Mens moisturiser gift sets can be given at any time – Christmas, a birthday, your anniversary, or as a ‘just because’ gift. Anyone, no matter what their age, skin type or style will love to receive one of these. Moisturisers are an essential part of any man’s grooming kit, but what is it that they do? What makes them so important?

Mens moisturiser works by putting moisture back into dry or damaged skin. It may sound like a miracle. How can skin that has been damaged by things like the central heating and cold weather possibly be made to look soft and healthy again using just a cream? However, it’s genuinely and scientifically formulated and proven to work. It’s down to the glycerine that is found in moisturisers. Glycerine attracts water, and actually draws it into the skin, keeping it there so that it can re-hydrate where needed. Men’s moisturisers are also made with emollients and oils; these ingredients set up a barrier over your skin which stops external irritants from causing any further problems. Adding moisturisers to your male grooming shelf in the bathroom can also reduce the look of ageing. If you purchase a moisturiser that includes retinoids, it may cost a little more, but the results will be worth it. You will find that fine lines fade and sagging skin looks plumper and younger. Although scientists haven’t worked out exactly how it’s done yet, they think it has something to do with the retinoids stimulating the collagen within the skin, producing more, which fills out the skin.

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