Mens Hair Products

Mens Hair Products - How To Get Started With Mens Hair Styling

Mens hair products can be a mystery. Many men often wonder what the point of all that hair really is, apart from the obvious evolutionary reasons. From a style, aesthetic and male grooming point of view, what can you do with it to enhance your appearance? Without our daily rituals of cleaning, styling and applying products, hair would often look dreary, limp, excessively dry or even greasy. That is why there is a huge market for products that can make life easier and better. You need help navigating your way through these myriad options for styling and care products such as pomades, waxes, gels, clay and creams.

Male Grooming And Styling Options For Your Hair Type

Walking out of the barbers, you might think to yourself, ‘I wish my hair looked this good every day’. Unless you are either a barber or a stylist yourself, or live with one, the only way you will get salon style hair on a daily basis is to learn how to do it yourself. Here’s a quick rundown of the best mens hair styling products to help you achieve these looks at home with minimal effort. The first mens grooming products most reach for are styling gels. Products that fall into this category for men (and women) have a high hold and shine factor. Gels can give a very strong hold to a style, allowing you to sculpt a look, confident that it will last the day. The downsides, if used incorrectly, can include flaking or residue, excessive drying and hair damage, moisture stripping, brittle hair and frizzier hair over time. Pomade is a similar product, but it won’t leave your hair dry, crunchy or hard. The next most popular hair products are waxes. These can be used to create a range of styles, from a messy (bedhead) look to textured and structures styles. Waxes can come in in both matte and shine finishes. Wax is a great hair product for men who have naturally wavy or straight hair. In curly hair, it tends to clump up. Wax is more malleable than a gel and can be restyled during the day meaning you can have a work and evening look from the same application on a day.

How To Choose The Best Hair Products Men To Groom Your Hair

In order to decide which hair products to buy and use, you need to know what look you are trying to achieve and what styles you want to create. When discussing the best men’s hair styling products, there are two commonly used terms to get your head around. If a product is labelled ‘shine’, it will reflect light back, making your hair and head look glossier. The alternative to this are products labelled matt, which will tend to absorb light and not shine. You should also pay close attention to the holding power of the mens hair products you buy. This is the main distinction between different hair products. Holding power is usually categorised as either low, medium or maximum hold. Another factor which you should consider is fragrance. Do you want your hair products to have any scent? If so, what fragrance do you like and how strong should it be? You need to choose the tool which is best suited, not just to the style you want to create, but also to the condition and length of your hair. Hair paste, for example, helps get thick and heavy curls under control and works best on shorter hair. If you have longer hair, then a hair cream would probably be the better option for you as these types of product can reduce frizz and add a natural feeling softness to your hair. You can find a selection of the best hair products men with The Grooming Clinic.

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