Mens Grooming Sets

Mens Grooming Sets – A Piece Of History

Mens grooming sets are an ancient idea that may have first begun in around 185BC with Scipio Africanus Minor, said to be the first man to start the routine of shaving every morning. Since then, these sets or kits, containing everything from tweezers to shampoo to shaving products and more, have been used regularly.

During World War I, the soldiers were taught the importance of mens grooming. Despite the terrible situations and locations they found themselves in, they were expected to ‘keep a stiff upper lip’ and remain as neat and tidy as possible. In fact, until 1916, it was a requirement that all British soldiers wore a moustache (although no beard) and it had to be looked after. In order to help them in this mission, they were given a grooming set when they were sent abroad. This was to ensure they could still shave and make their hair clean and presentable, even if they were in a muddy hole in the ground. Unfortunately, as the war went on for so much longer than had been anticipated, there were not enough male grooming sets to go around. The ones who had received theirs at the beginning found that their razors became dull and useless. No one was keen to try a cutthroat razor since any loud bang would potentially cause a nasty injury. Soldiers took to writing home to ask for shaving products so that they could remain as smart as their commanding officers wanted them to be – and these gifts from home became all important.

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