Mens Best Moisturiser

Mens Best Moisturiser – Dispelling The Myths

Mens best moisturiser is one of a modern gentleman’s bathroom staples, so why are there so many myths about it? Some of these ideas are both surprising and strange, but they might give you pause to think about your own grooming regime and how you can improve it.

Perhaps because mens moisturiser is a relatively new idea, it is still viewed with caution in some areas. The good news is that in reality, moisturiser for men is safe, effective, and even essential. The first myth which is widely held is that all men’s moisturisers are the same, and so it doesn’t really matter which one you buy. This is simply not so! There are many different types of moisturisers available, and each one works differently, depending on why you want to wear it. They differ depending on your skin type as well. Because there are a number of different varieties of men’s moisturiser, the easiest way to choose one is to work on skin type. Another myth is that your skin can become reliant on moisturiser, so you shouldn’t use it too much. Wrong again! Skin can’t become dependent on moisturiser, and you should use it as much as you need to within your daily male grooming regimen. Yet another myth suggests that if you use a moisturiser with sunscreen in it, you don’t need to worry about anything else. Not necessarily. Ideally you need an SPF of 30 or higher, so if your moisturiser has a lower SPF than that, you’ll want to top up with sunscreen.

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