Kyoku Moisturiser

Kyoku Moisturiser - Why Does It Take Its Inspiration From Japan?

Kyoku moisturiser was created using ancient Japanese herbs mixed with new technology (penetrating micro-particles which can enter the skin more quickly) to create an incredible moisturiser that nourishes and protects. It was inspired by the flawless skin of the Japanese people. But just how do the Japanese keep their skin looking so healthy?

Of course, it is a big generalisation to say that all Japanese people have perfect skin. However, it is also true to say that many do, so much so that it has been noticed across the world. Mens moisturiser can do a lot to help, but there’s nothing like genetics when it comes to great skin. And the Japanese people have the right mix of genetics to make their skin unblemished. There are other factors, though; the Japanese people tend to avoid the sun. When they do go out in it, they ensure that they have used a good sunscreen beforehand. This is simply something that is accepted culturally, whereas in other places across the world it is often seen as less important. In the UK, we still laugh at sunburn, for example, even though it will have irreparably damaged our skin. That wouldn’t happen in Japan. Another cultural norm in Japan is hydration. This isn’t just about drinking enough water, but also involves using a spritz or spray to ensure the skin has enough moisture throughout the day. Finally in Japan, male grooming is an important aspect of any Japanese man’s day, and moisturisers are seen as an essential tool in his grooming kit.

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