Gentlemen's Tonic

Crafted by the master barbering team at Gentlemen's Tonic, Mayfair

Gentlemen's Tonic

Gentlemen's Tonic is a luxury establishment based in the heart of London's high-end Mayfair. Founded in 2004 upon a philosophy of understated and self-confident, the traditional barbershop offers their clients the highest level of care and attention.

Catering for a smart and well-groomed clientele, Gentlemen's Tonic has seen incredible success leading to their Mayfair barbershop being expanded upon with locations all over the world in the likes of Kuala Lumpur, Dubai and Hong Kong.

Modern and yet traditional, Gentlemen's Tonic takes its name from the two aspects of its business. Gentlemen's, representing the company's target market to which it is dedicated to, and Tonic represents the restorative properties of the brand and services.

In 2008, Gentlemen's Tonic brought their philosophy to a range of its very own products. Entirely free from harmful chemicals and synthetic materials, the range is put together using the finest ingredients and is designed to be used both in their award-winning men's grooming spas while also catering for men's grooming needs at home.

The award-winning and signature Babassu & Bergamot scent provides the basis for the incredibly popular and original range of Gentlemen's Tonic products. The range caters for all aspects of men's grooming, including shaving, hair, skin and body, as well as a Babassu & Bergamot Candle which is both modern and masculine.

The Gentlemen's Tonic Babassu & Bergamot Classic Shave Cream offers all the benefits of a traditional shave but does not require a shaving brush, owing to the smooth and luxurious texture. It has an incredibly moisturising formula which helps leave skin soft and smooth after shaving, and is ensure comfort during the shave.

The Babassu & Bergamot range also includes the Gentleman's Tonic Daily Shampoo and Protein Conditioner, both products designed for daily use to promote healthy and manageable hair. To complete the shower, the Gentlemen's Tonic Babassu & Bergamot Body Wash is perfect for nourishing and moisturising even the most sensitive skin.

Aside from the Babassu & Bergamot range, Gentlemen's Tonic also caters for modern man's other grooming needs, including exfoliating facial scrub which helps remove dirt and lift hairs before you shave daily moisturiser once you're washed, shaved and ready to tackle the day ahead.

Be sure also to check out their range of men's hairstyling products. There is a medium hold clay and a strong hold cream to ensure modern man carries off the style expected of them in today's fast-paced world.

For the modern man who demands a traditional sense of service and detail, Gentlemen's Tonic also sell a range of high-quality grooming equipment including shaving sets and grooming stands. With boxed gift sets, hand-crafted shaving brushes and modern Eau de Toilette fragrances, Gentleman's Tonic combines the modern sophistication of male grooming with the traditional approach and attention to detail, giving today's well-heeled gentlemen all they need to style their look.

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  1. Gentlemen's Tonic Hand Balm
    Gentlemen's Tonic Babassu & Bergamot Moisturising Hand Balm (50ml)
    Special Price £9.00 Regular Price £12.00
  2. Gentlemen's Tonic Body Lotion with Babassu and Bergamot (500ml)
    Gentlemen's Tonic Body Lotion with Babassu and Bergamot (500ml)
    Special Price £30.00 Regular Price £40.00
  3. Gentlemen's Tonic Daily Foaming Cleanser (150ml)
    Gentlemen's Tonic Daily Foaming Cleanser (150ml)
    Special Price £14.25 Regular Price £19.00
  4. Gentlemen's Tonic Daily Moisturiser (100ml)
    Gentlemen's Tonic Daily Moisturiser (100ml)
    Special Price £19.50 Regular Price £26.00
  5. Gentlemen's Tonic Daily Shampoo
    Gentlemen's Tonic Daily Shampoo (250ml)
    Special Price £10.50 Regular Price £14.00
  6. Gentlemen's Tonic Daily Shampoo (500ml)
    Gentlemen's Tonic Daily Shampoo (500ml)
    Special Price £17.25 Regular Price £23.00
  7. Gentlemen's Tonic Babassu and Bergamot Face Care Kit - Daily Foaming Cleanser (150ml), Exfoliating Facial Scrub (100ml), Daily Moisturiser (100ml)
    Gentlemen's Tonic Face Care Kit
    Special Price £41.25 Regular Price £55.00
  8. Gentlemen's Tonic Gentle Body Wash (250ml)
    Gentlemen's Tonic Gentle Body Wash (250ml)
    Special Price £11.25 Regular Price £15.00
    Out of stock
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