The Ordinary

If there is one stand-out brand that's looking to change the face of the skincare industry for the better, it's The Ordinary.

Its name is somewhat ironic in that it’s marketing is anything but ordinary. The brand prides itself on honesty and integrity and has shied away from glossy marketing and dressing products up to be ingenious and instead calls them for what they are.

The Ordinary packages its skincare products in a familiar, effective and reassuringly simplistic way, aimed at improving communication and being honest about the pricing – you know exactly what you are getting for your money. Its tagline is “Clinical formulations with integrity”, and that comes through loud and clear.

While its ethos – and marketing – is clever, there is no denying that the underlying range of products also attracts praise.

The Ordinary have a range of products across several different areas, including retinoids, vitamins, direct acids, oils and antioxidants. Often, other skin care companies will combine these in a single product or dress them up to be something they perhaps aren’t. The Ordinary have flipped that on its head, offering them as simple standalone products.

Its range of vitamins and retinoids have been developed thanks to the magic of chemistry and some truly innovative technology. The end result is a collection of serums that help the skin in several areas, including anti-ageing and sun protection.

Hydration is key in skincare, and The Ordinary has developed an extensive range of creams and lotions to help your skin regain and maintain moisture and nutrients. Most of these are also completely organic, such as the Virgin Chia Seed Oil, Cold-Pressed Virgin Marula Oil and the Cold-Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil.

One of the most alluring features of The Ordinary range is the simplicity inside the bottle, as well as out. The strong line-up of anti-aging treatments have been developed with simple, organic ingredients combined together thanks to the strength of science. They provide incredible results that will rival just about anything else in the market.

If all of the skincare range takes a little too much thinking about, then The Ordinary have not only produced a resource of information on how to combine and apply their treatments, but they have also produced sets of products that can be purchased together, giving you the perfect head-start when it comes to looking after your skin.

Before you dive in to The Ordinary product range, one other treatment of note forms part of the hair care line. The Multi-Peptide Serum for Hair Density can really help to increase the density of your hair. It’s a simple case of applying a few drops per day, ideally before bedtime. Another incredibly simple yet effective treatment that will please both your wallet and your scalp.



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The Ordinary Aloe 2% + NAG 2% Solution
Sale price$14.00 USD
$0.47 /ml
The Ordinary 100% L-Ascorbic Acid Powder | 20g
Sale price$7.00 USD
$0.35 /g
The Ordinary Resveratrol 3% + Ferulic Acid 3% | 30ml
Sale price$11.00 USD
$0.37 /ml
The Ordinary Amino Acids + B5 | 30ml
Sale price$10.00 USD
$0.33 /ml
The Ordinary Glycolipid Cream Cleanser
Sale price$12.00 USD
$0.08 /ml
The Ordinary Ethylated Ascorbic Acid 15% Solution (30ml)
Sale price$20.00 USD
$0.67 /ml
The Ordinary Retinal 0.2% Emulsion
Sale price$17.00 USD
$1.13 /ml
The Ordinary Organic Chia Seed Oil | 30ml
Sale price$9.00 USD
$0.30 /ml
The Ordinary "B" Oil | 30ml
Sale price$11.00 USD
$0.37 /ml
The Ordinary Saccharomyces Ferment 30% Milky Toner
Sale price$14.00 USD
$0.14 /ml
The Ordinary Pycnogenol 5%
Sale price$12.00 USD
$0.80 /ml
The Ordinary 100% Cold-Pressed Virgin Marula Oil | 30ml
Sale price$12.00 USD
$0.40 /ml
The Ordinary EUK 134 0.1% | 30ml
Sale price$12.00 USD
$0.40 /ml
The Ordinary - The Power of Peptides Set
Sale price$36.00 USD
The Ordinary Super-Size Salicylic Acid 2% Masque | 100ml
Sale price$28.00 USD
$0.28 /ml
The Ordinary 100% Organic Virgin Sea-Buckthorn Fruit Oil (30ml)
Sale price$17.00 USD
$0.57 /ml