Top 5 Hair Clays for Men

Men's Hair Clay


If you like slick-back styles with a completely matte finish, Hair Clay should be top of your shopping list. Formulated to offer structure and hold whilst leaving the hair shine-free, Hair Clay secures your hair style in situ with the added benefit of maintaining flexibility. When you use a Clay to style your hair, you have the ability to manipulate your style throughout the day, tweaking and perfecting as you go.

Hair Clays are:

• Suitable for both long and short hair.
• Can be applied to both wet and dry hair.
• Perfect for slick-backs, pompadours and rugged, tussled styles.

How To Use Hair Clay

• Start by washing your hair and towel-drying it. If you want a completely shine-free finish, dry your hair with a hair dryer on a medium heat setting. As you dry your hair, start to direct it into your desired style, if you want a semi-matte finish, towel-drying will suffice.
• Warm a pea-sized amount of product between your fingertips. TOP TIP AND ESSENTIAL TO NOTE: DO NOT WARM IT BETWEEN YOUR PALMS. Warming the product between your fingertips will make it easier to style, if you warm it between your palms you’ll find it more difficult to style and you’ll flatten your look.
• Stroke the Clay through your hair and start to work your style. Direct the hair in sections and work piece by piece to position your look.
• Add more Clay as desired or until you’ve achieved your preferred look.

Top 5 Hair Clays

Baxter of California Clay Pomade

Baxter of California Clay Pomade

This is one of our best-selling products and most popular Hair Clay. The barbers at Baxter of California in Los Angeles have perfected this formula to a tee. Is a blend of Kaolin Clay and Bees wax which is very unusual for a Hair Clay. The Kaolin Clay gives structure and hold whilst maintaining a matte finish, whilst the Bees Wax masks your hair flexible and means you can re-work your look throughout the day.
Mr Natty Clay Hair Preparation

Mr Natty Hair Clay

Mr Natty, a leading British barber, developed his Clay Hair Preparation to give thickness and density to both wet and dry-look styles. The joy of Mr Natty’s Clay is that is can be matte or shiny depending on whether you apply it to wet or dry hair. Carrying a charming coconut scent, this Clay glides onto the hair with ease giving you style, structure and flexibility.
Triumph & Disaster Coltrane Clay

Triumph & Disaster Coltrane Clay

Coltrane is a wonderful blend of China Clay, Pracaxi Oil and Brazil Wax. This unique combination give the flexibility of a hair was with the finish of a clay. Coltrane is almost like a hybrid of a hair wax and matte paste; it gives definition and hold with a completely shine-free veneer. What’s more, Triumph & Disaster have scented this with a masculine smoky aroma that is guaranteed to get your nose twitching.
Jack Black Clay Pomade

Jack Black Clay Pomade

Of all of our Top 5 Clays, Jack Black’s Clay Pomade has the strongest hold. Developed to lock your style in and remove the need for hairspray, Jack Black have nailed the matte-finish / strong-hold styling product category. This products give you structure and density using a matte wax called Candelilla which holds the hair securely, giving slight manoeuvrability.
Fish Soho Matte Clay

Fish StoneFish Matt Clay

Before we even start to talk about performance, it has to be noted that Fish Soho bags the gong for value for money and scent. The scent is quite simply outstanding and you can smell it all day, when it comes to £, you’d be hard-pushed to find a better product at a similar price.