Top 10: Post-Workout Saviours

Top 10: Post-Workout Saviours

New year, new you? No thanks. We’re just about as tired of hearing that as you are. Just be the same super hero that got you through 2018 without fault, but if you are taking to the gym to shed some timber or simply to improve fitness levels, these 10 post-work-out saviours will take you from dumbbell to desk seamlessly.

Bullet & Bone Cooling Recovery Body Was - £6.99

Post-workout, head back into the changing room and head straight for the shower. This cooling and soothing Body Wash has been developed to assist in quicker recovery and relieve tired, aching muscles.

Jack Black Charcoal Cleaning Body Bar - £14.50

Your sweat is full of toxins, and charcoal is like a magnet for toxins. Free your pores of nasties with Jack Black’s Activated Charcoal Body Bar. It will help to prevent body acne from developing and free the skin of odour.

Geo F Trumper Extract of Limes Shave Cream - £17.00

So you’ve showered and it’s time to whip-off your stubble. Look no further than Geo F Trumper’s Extract of Limes Shaving Cream. The scent can only be described as outstanding, and the shave? Well that matches the scent. A clear winner in shaving performance and a category leader.

Muhle Alum Pen - £6.00

Nicked yourself during your shave? Fear not. Muhle’s Alum Pen stops bleeding and acts as an astringent. Simply wet the tip of the pen and gently stroke it across the nick.

D R Harris Windsor Talcum Powder - £13.50

Mop-up excess body moisture with D R Harris’ Windsor scented Talcum Powder. It helps to reduce friction and keeps your dry exactly where you need to be.

Gentlemen’s Tonic Daily Foaming Face Wash - £19.00

After excercise your pores are dilated and your skin is full of toxin-packed sweat. Don't let the toxins clog your pores. Sweep away everything your face doesn’t require with Gentlemen’s Tonic Daily Foaming Face Wash.

Baxter of California Deodorant - £16.00

Healthy pits should be allowed to breathe and perspire, but most definitely not smell. Baxter’s Deodorant is aluminium free so it doesn't block the pores but it does block the smell.

Mr Natty Urban Protection Eye Serum - £12.00

Eyes on form with My Natty’s Eye Serum. This super-lightweight gel nourishes the thinner skin around the eyes to improve hydration and reduce tired eye. Not to mention being incredible value for money.

Anthony Day Cream SPF 30 - £34.00

Thirsty skin needs to re-hydrate. Hit two birds with one stone with Anthony’s Day Cream with built-in SPF 30 protection.

Regenerate Mouthwash - £9.99

Freshen your breath and defend against acid erosion with Regenerate’s easy to use Foaming Mouthwash. A pump or two straight onto the tongue, swish it around your mush for 30 seconds and, hey presto, you’re ready to take the day on.