Heavy Week Ahead, Heavier Weekend Behind!

men's grooming toolkitA heavy week ahead and heavier weekend behind. Find out how to start the week in style with our Monday morning toolkit that no man should be without.

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men's grooming must haves
Monday, not the nations favourite of the 7, can be a struggle when it comes to performing at your peak. it's often said that the psychology of feeling your best, in terms of appearance, can influence your ability to dispatch your best.
So, fix up this Monday with our 'Kick Start the Week Kit.'
1. Wash With Joe. The only way to start the week. Packed with triple distilled peppermint oil, this coffee/mint body wash will waken you, and your senses, setting you up perfectly for the fruitful day ahead.
2. Kyoku for Men Lava Masque. This mineral rich, volcanic mud mask will re-surface your weekend face, unblocking your pores and revealing a healthy shine. Best used whilst in the shower; apply to a clean face, switch off the water, apply your shampoo and shower gel - water back on, rinse the hair and body, and by this time your mask is ready to come off. Leave the cucumber in the fridge!
3. NuBo Lifting Eye Serum. Packed with firming qualities to restore some order to tired, party eyes. Best used kept cold to constrict the skin on application.
4. Karin Herzog Oxygen Face Cream. We all know that oxygen is one of life's little essentials. This hydrating face cream contains 2% of the magic stuff to inject some life into your Monday morning look.
5. Stay fresh with Carthusia's Numero Uno. Informatively named Number 1, this is your secret weapon to putting your best foot forward and staying fresh on the go. From the original home of style, this is Italy - and its class - bottled.