How to Prevent Razor Rash

men's shaving adviceRazor rash (or shaving rash) is one the most common men's grooming complaints. It looks unsightly and can be incredibly painful. To help you to make your shave pain-free and keep your face and neck looking dapper, we've enlisted the help of our resident men's grooming guru, Steven O'Neill, and asked him to piece together a step-by-step plan to steer us in the direction of a rash-free shave.

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 How to Prevent Razor Rash 


razor rashIf you're a regular shaver then you'll know exactly what we're talking about. Almost 75% of men suffer some variation of adverse reaction to shaving. Some of these reactions are caused by poor equipment, others stem from the genetic make-up of your skin.



Razor rash can be incredibly painful, it also looks very displeasing, so to help to take the pain out of shaving we've enlisted the help of our resident grooming guru, Steven O'Neill, and asked him what he can prescribe to assist in the recovery of your 'wounded' shaven area.



First up, sort out your shaving kit. Most men continue to use blades long beyond their shelf life (with the expense of them I'm really not surprised). This can prove counter productive as the blade probably isn't sharp enough to comfortably glide through the hair, and it probably isn't chopping the growth right at the root. So point one, use a sharp blade.



Next, exfoliate the area thoroughly before shaving. This will help the hairs to stand-on-end and present them to the blade at the perfect angle. Using a face scrub will also help to expose ingrown hairs and prevent breakouts. Try Kyoku for Men Exfoliating Facial Scrub


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The Cool Fix eshave orange and sandalwood after shave



  • Splash the face with warm water to open the pores. If you have time use a hot-towel.
  • Apply a pre-shave oil to the area to soften the hairs and aid glide. Try Gentlemen's Tonic Pre Shave Oil.
  • Use a shave gel on top of the oil to moisturise the skin.
  • Have a small bowl of hot water to hand to keep your blade warm and most importantly, clean.






Questions? As always feel free to drop us a line grooming[@] we'd be pleased to help.