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Pits, Under Control - The Best Men's Deodorants for Summer 2020

Temperatures are on the rise. Keep your pits cool with our top picks of the best men's deodorants for summer 2020.

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Temperatures are on the rise. Keep your pits cool with our top picks of the best men's deodorants for summer 2020.


#1 Best Seller - Jack Black Pit Boss

Pit Boss needs no introduction. This deodorant makes its way into more shopping cart than any other we sell. Pit Boss packs a punch in the wetness and odour defence departments, giving day-long fresh pits and subtly scenting the area, just incase you get up close and personal with anybody. Featuring Aluminum Zirconium Tetrachlorohydrex Gly -20% - Pit Boss is Jack Black’s answer to perfectly dry, odour-free underarms.

The Skin Conditioning Saviour - Anthony Alcohol-Free Deodorant

A non-drying glide on stick, this alcohol-free formula keeps the skin conditioned while fighting back against adverse body odour. This aluminium-free formula allows your pores to breathe naturally while blocking odour with a potent blend of natural anti-bacterial oils.

The Turbo-Charged Formula - Recipe for Men Anti-Perspirant Deodorant

Our second most popular deo on the block, Recipe for Men’s roll-on Antiperspirant Deodorant is a liquid formula which dries quickly on the skin to offer a layer of defence against moisture and odour.  The alcohol-free formula leaves the skin in perfect form with conditioning allantoin and shea butter to soften and hydrate the underarms. Aluminium Chlorohydrate, an aluminium salt best know for its anti-perspirant properties, features heavily in Recipe for Men's Anti-Perspirant Deodorant to ensure dry, scent-free pits.

The Ultra Gentle Option - Salt & Stone Natural Deodorant

The most gentle of our deodorants, Salt & Stone’s Lavender and Sage underarm champion harnesses the natural anti-bacterial properties founding essential oils to fend-off body odour, while Arrowroot Powder, Coconut Oil and Baking Soda mop-up moisture to keep your pits perfectly dry.

The Crystal Clear, Stain-Free Option - Oliver J. Woods Cedar & Sandalwood Deodorant

Carrying a scent guaranteed to please even the most particular of noses, Oliver J. Woods Cedar & Sandalwood Deodorant is a clear formula which absorbs moisture and breaks down sweat molecules using Saccharomyces Ferment. These clever little enzymes disassemble the structure of sweat molecules to prevent wetness and to destroy the bacteria which causes body odour.

The New Comer - Jack Black Pit CTRL

A recent addition to the Jack Black collection, Pit CTRL is an aluminium-free formula which won’t stain your clothes and glides-on incredibly easy. Featuring Jack Black Turbo aroma, this incredibly pleasing deodorant provides round-the-clock protection against wetness and odour and keeps your pits smelling on-form. Baking Soda and Cornstarch absorb sweat while Tris-BHT-Mesitylene, a powerful antioxidant, prevents the bacteria which cause body odour from reacting with oxygen, thus interrupting their process which causes bad odour.

Expert Tips to Maximise the Performance of your Deodorant:

  1. Keep your under arm hair trimmed, this will ensure that when you apply your deodorant it makes contact with the skin, and not just your underarm hair.
  2. Avoid applying deodorant on-top of deodorant. Where possible, clean your pits before each application.
  3. When applying a stick-deodorant, hold it against the skin for five seconds to allow your body heat to soften the tip, and then gently work it around your armpits.