Time for a change? 7 Male Grooming Products you need in 2017

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Spring is in the air and the change in the weather represents the perfect time to give your skincare routine an important mix-up. 


Why change you ask? It’s a good question, and the answer is: skincare isn’t as simple as ‘if it isn’t broke don’t fix it’ the effectiveness of our skincare and haircare products reduce over time, so you may benefit from a change in skincare routing more than you think.


The second reason for trying some of the below products is a little more complicated. When you shop with The Grooming Clinic, you can be confident in purchasing results focused products, which are backed by science. All of the products listed in this article, and across our full site, have been tested first hand – not just by our in house teams, but also our network of industry experts and skincare bloggers. Only when we are proud to put our name to a product, do we supply it to our customers.


The products below encompass cleansers, shampoos, fragrances, hair products as well as intensive skin treatments. So without further ado:


Baxter of California Daily Protein Shampoo


Designed to be used as your daily shampoo, this protein rich shampoo nourishes your hair, protecting it from becoming dry and brittle. During every wash, it also hydrates your scalp, its cleaning properties are delivered with a blend of Aloe Vera and oat protein, which lift dirt and debris from your hair whilst gently cleansing. Its mint scented to deliver a feeling of natural refreshment. We have had nothing but 5 star reviews on this product from our customers, and at £18.00, this shampoo is well worth a try.


Escentric Molecules – Molecule 01

The product which represents a fragrance revolution. Molecule 01 is a bestseller here at The Grooming Clinic. It’s the brainchild of Geza Schoen, and has taken the world by storm since 2006.


The fragrance has been created with just one single fragrance molecule, and as a result its fragrance is entirely unique to each person who wears the fragrance. On first application the wearer will notice woody notes, but these will quickly settle. It’s not unusual for the wearer to not notice wearing this fragrance, but comments from passers-by confirm this fragrances uniqueness. 


Again, this a five star product, we have even had one customer followed round a supermarket by people asking what fragrance they are wearing. At £65.60, this natural pheromone is a great investment for anybody underwhelmed by their current fragrance. 


Colbert MD Intensify Facial Discs

David Colbert MD is New York’s leading dermatologist. His clientele reads like the guest list for the Oscars, so we feel pretty lucky that he has developed his own skincare range. All of the products within his range are known for their efficacy, but we particularly love his Intensify Facial Discs.  They have been described as a DIY micro dermabrasion treatment for the skin, but how do they work?


As with any skincare products, ingredients are at the core of this products success. Bromelain, a natural enzyme found in pineapples brightens the skin by lifting dead, dull cells from the skins surface, leaving you with newfound radiance. Glucosamine promotes the production of the all-important Hyaluronic Acid in the skin, which as we all know provides plumper, moisturised skin. Lastly, lactic acid acts as a buffer on the skin, reducing lines, wrinkles, as well as hyperpigmentation and age spots. Use tri weekly on cleansed skin for best results.


The discs are £60 for a six week supply. 


Anthony Glycolic Facial Cleanser

This award winning cleanser is one of our bestselling products. The product harnesses the powerful anti-ageing and exfoliating properties of Glycolic Acid to thoroughly cleanse the skin of oil and impurities.  Glycolic acid is unique because it has the smallest molecular structure of all Alpha Hydroxy Acids, meaning that it provides unrivalled penetration into the skin and pores. Its other active ingredients include camomile lotion, Aloe Vera as well as vitamins A, C and E which nourish and soothe the skin.


The cleanser receives only five star reviews on our site, and offers a brilliant daily cleanser at £26.00.


Sachajuan Thickening Shampoo

If thinning hair, or hair without volume concerns you, then Sachajuan’s Thickening Hair Shampoo can help. Designed and formulated by the Swedish hair care experts, it is formulated to make your hair thicker and fuller, whilst gently cleansing the hair. The results are almost instant and speak for themselves.  After use, hair is easier to style and benefits from Ocean Silk Technology, a powerful hair care system which enriches the hair with nutrients.


We hear nothing but good stuff about this product, which is available on our website at £20.


Swissdent Extreme Toothpaste


Swissdent Extreme Whitening Toothpaste, is a whitening toothpaste designed for daily use. It is of particular relevance to those who regularly stain their teeth with thing such as coffee, cigarettes, tea and red wine. The toothpaste boasts patented Nanotechnology, Baking Soda and Fluoride.


Its whitening effects are delivered through micronized calcium peroxide, which cleans the teeth with natural enzymes and low abrasiveness. It also contains co-enzyme Q10 and Vitamin E to induce cell renewal and revitalise the gums.


This toothpaste is available online at £16.95.


Reference of Sweden Rough Wax 505


Reference of Sweden Rough Wax has been designed and formulated by a team of hair stylist professionals to bring you unparalleled volume, hold and structure. Perfect for creating a choppy, messed up and matt hairstyle. This clay style wax boasts a fat free formula, which means that it won’t leave a shiny residue on their hair.


This is a very thick wax, so apply little by little. We recommend warming a small amount between the fingers and apply it to the hair as you shape it.


This wax is available online at £11.45.


As always, if you have any questions about the right skincare products for your skin type or skin concern, just get in touch with a member of our team and we will be happy to help. 


The Grooming Clinic was established in 2010 bringing together a collection of tried and tested men's grooming products that separated the wheat from the chaff and really cut the mustard. In 2010 male grooming was the fastest growing area of the skincare industry, and all these years later it continues to be so. The offering grows day-by-day with new products joining us all of the time. We set out to try and test as many male grooming products as we can and cherry pick the ones that stand-out from the canvas for their performance and results. Based just south of London in Cranleigh, Surrey, we process orders daily to countries far and wide.