New From Jack Black: Oil-Control Toner & Charcoal Body Bar

New From Jack Black: Oil-Control Toner & Charcoal Body Bar

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The latest release from Jack black have touched down and we’re all over them like a cat on a mouse. Oil-Control Toner has replaced Anti-Oxidant Toner and tackles excess oil -as the name suggests- and gently exfoliates the skin. Charcoal Body Bar is brand new entrant and brings the deodorising and detox-ing benefits of activated charcoal to your daily shower.

The what, why, who, when and how of each…

Jack Black Oil-Control Toner

Oil-Control Lotion

Who should use it: best suited to those with oily and combination skin types, although it’s also perfect for those who like to keep their skin completely matte.

What’s in it: well to start, we have to share the fact that’s Oil Control Toner is alcohol-free so it won’t go drying your skin out. The magic comes from Salicylic Acid which breaks the bond between dead skin cells and face to smooth the skin tone and make your skin perfectly prepared for the rest of your skincare regime. Red Macroalgae Extract helps to control the amount of oil on the surface of the skin and Witch Hazel dissolves blockages within the pores.

How to use it: don’t use cotton wool pads to apply it as they absorb most of the benefits and they also leave little fibres on the skin. Simply splash a couple of drop of toner into the palms of your hands and smear across the face. Don’t rinse it off, just allow it a minute or two to sink into the skin then follow with your serums / eye creams / moisturisers.

Jack Black Charcoal Body Bar

Charcoal Body Bar

Who should use it: everybody. It’s the law. This bar is so good, you simply shouldn’t;t be showering without it.

What’s in it: activated charcoal. The latest 'buzz ingredient’ that’s got everyone talking. It pulls toxins and odour out of the skin and the pores like no other. Jojoba Beads buff the skin to loosen dead skin cells and Glycerin hydrates the body to leave the skin soft and smooth post-shower. Winner, winner!

How to use it: come on, this is a bar of soap. Wet your bod with some warm water and work that soap from top-to-toe. Rinse well.

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