Just Arrived: Myego Ten To Seven Face Wash

Myego Ten To Seven Face Wash

New: Myego Ten To Seven Face Wash

Hailed as the Face Wash of 2017, Ten To Seven has been developed by Myego Labs to free the skin of dirt and oil whilst detoxing the pores and hydrating the face. Sounds to be good to be true, right? Wrong. We’ve put it to the test and it comes up trumps on every front.

Unlike other cleansers, Ten To Seven is clay based, similar to a face mask, so it has the capability of aggressively drawing impurities out of the skin and out of the pores. The French Green Clay pulls the dirt and toxins to the surface so they’re rinsed off daily. What’s more, the natural Grapefruit Extract treats the skin to a gentle daily exfoliating treatment by breaking down the bond between dead skin cells and the face to reveal a fresher-looking complexion that’s free from ingrown hairs.

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