Men-U Matt Moisturiser - An Insight

men-u matt moisturiserIf a shiny complexion is troubling you, fear not. Men-U Matt Moisturiser is designed to ease the issue and deliver a matt finish. We take a detailed look at the product and illustrate how and when to use it.

men-u matt moisturiserMen-U Matt Moisturiser is the perfect solution to an age old problem. Shiny skin is something that most men experience from time to time, and dealing with it isn't all that difficult.


A shiny face occurs by a build-up of excess facial oil or using a moisturiser that is too rich for your skin type. Moisturisers rich in essential oils have endless benefits, one of the down-sides, however, is that most people experience a shiny effect as result of using them.


If you are one of the many guys who notices an occasional shine, fear not. Men-U Matt Moisturiser is designed with men's skin in mind and has been hailed as one of the best men's grooming products to come from the infamous Men-U collection. Men-U Matt Moisturiser contains oil absorbing molecules which have the ability to mattify the skin whilst maintaing moisture levels.


Men-U Matt Moisturiser should be used as per usual facial moisturiser protocol and is suitable for all skin types. Men-U Matt Moisturiser is great to have on stand-by, just incase.