Men-U Shave Creme

men-u shave creme

Men-U Shave Creme seems to be taking the world by storm and we wanted to know why.

Our resident grooming guru, Steven O'Neill, test drives Men-U Shave Creme and accounts his findings. Find out here exactly how it went.

Men-U Shave CremeWhen it comes to shaving, I'm super-selective with my products. I suffer from regular shaving rash, and the all-to-common, ingrown hairs. I tend to verge towards shaving creams and shaving oils when it comes to choosing my facial 'lubricant.' Creams and oils have a propensity to soothe the skin whilst protecting it from your blade, so that's where my preference stems from.


When I tried Men-U Shave Creme for the first time, I was struck (and astounded) by the number of shaves a 100ml bottle offers. Up-to 160 shaves from 100ml means that just 0.7ml of the product will suffice and satisfy. I have to admit that I was slightly sceptical about this, so not having time to shave 160 times, I decided to use as little product as possible for my shave. So on with the tiniest drop of Men-U Shave Cream it was and off with the blade. On contact with the razor, Men-U Shave Creme dis-intergrates into pretty much nothing, but it does leave a smooth coating of protective / moistursing ingredients to soften the skin and reduce any trauma, it doesn't clog the razor either which is of greatest importance. My work tends to take me travelling far to frequently, and Men-u Shave Creme has proved to be a great travelling companion. It's small & compact, and it adheres to airport security regulations.



Men-U Shave Creme Review Scores 9/10