Dr Felix Bertram, Viliv Skincare

Meet the Founder: Dr Felix Bertram of Viliv Skincare

Best known as the founder of one of Switzerland's most popular dermatology and plastic surgery clinics, Skinmed, Dr Felix Bertram talks us through the journey from clinic to bathroom with his collection of active-ingredient-rich skincare fomulas, Viliv Skincare.

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Hey Dr Bertram, welcome to TGC, could you tell us little about yourself and how viliv came about?

I'm the owner of skinmed founded in 2014, which is one of the best-known clinics for dermatology and plastic surgery in Switzerland. I saw a niche in the skincare sector for products that have a proven track record and extensive scientific research behind them. That's when I decided to develop my range of viliv skincare, incorporating all my dermatological experience, knowledge and passion. My other big love is my dogs, I now own 13 wonderful canine companions, most of whom are from rescue centres.

Tell us the 5 most important features of Viliv

Viliv was developed by myself with the help of a specialist swiss biotech lab. As customised skincare, the focus is to be efficient with active ingredients and proven results. In each of the product we use up to 3 active ingredients, all with an optimal concentration.
All products are 100% vegan and cruelty-free and developed under strict guidelines so that they are always clean, mindfully created and without any toxic ingredients.

Can you describe Viliv in 3 words?

Efficiency - with biotechnology and science
Focused - customised treatments
Clean - beauty and cruelty-free

When formulating the products, what is your main objective?

Transforming the way of dermatological thinking into an efficient, focused and customised skincare range. It's also important to me that we are sustainable by formulating healthy products which put well-being at the forefront. The ingredients need to be ethically sourced, environmentally friendly and free from animal testing. These objectives are the core values of viliv, and we are continually improving and pushing forward on this.

What is it that makes the product work?

As mentioned, all active ingredients are from the biotech lab in Switzerland who formulate my products, that then go through several rigorous tests. The first phase is an efficiency test of all the active ingredients that we are using. The second is finding the optimal high concentration level of these active ingredients. Then the final product tests are carried out by our dermatological clinic skinmed in Switzerland.

Are there any application techniques that can enhance the efficacy of the products?

I recommend using a needling roller after applying a viliv serum. This helps to perforate the superficial skin layer and lets the active ingredients penetrate quicker into the deeper dermal layers.

Also, storing the eye serum in the fridge during summer; it's the perfect 'a pick-me-up treatment' for tired eyes. For the "rich eye cream" and "viliv r– get a rich restore" I suggest keeping it in the fingers for a few seconds to warm it up as it gets a little softer making it easier to apply.

Can you tell us about the active ingredients and how they penetrate into the skin to delivery their respective benefits?

It depends on the active ingredient. Some ingredients like the plant stem cells, penetrate through the almost invisible hair follicles into the deeper dermal layer.
Others like VIDERMACTIVE 7 works with signal molecules. CM Glucan, which is the main active ingredient in the post laser cream, imitates and stimulates the skins own lipid production and increases the healing process in the superficial skin layer. By the way, it's also perfect as an after-sun lotion.

What are the most common skincare complaints/concerns that you hear from men in your clinic?

After-shave treatments (viliv r – post-laser treatment is perfect as an after-shave balm); pores (viliv p – helps to shrink pores) and rosacea or couperose (viliv r – get rid of the red). And now lots of men are asking for anti-ageing treatments.

Can you give us 5 quick-fire pieces of advice that we should all be doing daily?

Get enough sleep
Be happy and balanced
Eat fresh fruit and vegetables – avoid processed food
Use a serum with a high concentration of antioxidants, like viliv v – vi-lift the skin
Use an efficient eye serum, like viliv e – to brighten the eyes

As a dermatologist, what would be your top 5 skincare survival tips?

Use serums instead of a fatty cream/moisturiser
Less is more - reduce the number of times for cleansing and peels (cleanse once a day, peelings twice a week)
Avoid nicotine and high volumes of alcohol
Always use an antioxidant and sun protection
Eat one spoon of tomato paste per day (contains a high concentration of lycopene which reduces oxidative stress in our bodies)

Which skincare urban myths make you laugh the most?

'Your skin needs a high frequency of cleansing and peeling'

Finally, the three most common skincare concerns we hear from our customers here at TGC are enlarged pores, blackheads and oily skin, what can we do to combat these?

They all relate to each other. Oily skin causes blackheads and blackheads cause enlarged pores.

Here's my advice: Use a pH neutral, fragrance-free and calm cleansing product. Avoid all oily or saturated and monounsaturated fatty acid skincare products such as moisturisers, oils or creams.

Use mainly serums, such as viliv p to shrink your pores and viliv v – vi-lift your skin to rejuvenate and give complete protection from pollution and light damage.

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