Tried & Tested - Karin Herzog Shave Oil

karin herzog shave oilFormulated by Dr. Karin Herzog, this shave oil contains 2% oxygen and is packed with moisturising qualities. Find out here why Karin Herzog's Shave Oil has been awarded 10 out of 10 for performance, and value for money.


Tried & Tested by Steven O'Neill, our resident male grooming guru.

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karin herzog shave oilWhen it comes to shaving, it’s vital to have the proper equipment to hand. Shaving is one of the most hard hearted acts to impose on your face so using the correct tackle is pertinent to success.

A sharp blade is most important. Shaving with an edgeless blade will drag the hairs, scratch the skin and cause irritation and discomfort. So, the sharp blade is at hand, next, lubrication!

Shaving can become an arduous task, to combat this I recommend keeping your shaving routine as simple as possible. A sharp blade, a good oil and a bowl of warm water and you’re off!

Which shaving oil should I use?

There's millions of different shave oils out there. Choice has left the consumer utterly confused and as a men's grooming expert, I have tried and tested most of the offerings. There are some great formulations available, but to part with my hard earned cash, I’m looking for something which scores 10/10 for performance and 12/10 for value for money. In my opinion, Karin Herzog’s Shave Oil is the best oil on the market. Why? Well the oil has a most rare consistency, thick, glue like oil which spreads easily and protects the skin from the coarse effects of shaving. When you shave, you expose a whole new layer of skin. To prepare this new layer for exposure to the elements, Karin Herzog’s Shave Oil oxygenates the surface and moisturises it to perfection.

For best results, post shave: simply splash the skin once with some cold water, pat dry and rub the remaining oil into the shaven area. It is most definitely the best shave oil I have ever used, coming from a grooming consultant, that’s an a accreditation and a half!


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